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Living Logic is a software development company based in Melbourne, Australia. 

We provide contract programming services to the engineering, scientific, medical and educational sectors. We also supply a number of unique utilities online.

Our goal is to provide systems with the highest level of functionality, reliability and usability available under the Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Queries regarding programming services or support should be directed to support@livinglogic.com.au



f A touch of Photo-Nesting does wonders f

14/Dec/11 - The nesting functionality of PathWorks has been expanded to allow nesting onto scaled images of irregular shaped material. Pathfinder Australia is currently pursuing its use in the leather cutting industry.

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f ETrakka goes the distance f

14/Dec/11 - Another round of development has seen the ETrakka system go to version 1.8 with software by Living Logic. With updated hardware, ETrakka now offers unprecedented insights into equine performance during training. Record entire training sessions, and replay position, heart rate, speed., stride lengths and More...

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f PathWorks does automatic nesting f

14/Jun/11 - PathWorks now provides ad hoc and batched automatic nesting. The state-of-the-art algorithm allows for rotation, buffering, nesting into holes and nesting on to sheets. Pathfinder Australia have already sold the new PathWorks to several of clients to complement its cutting solutions for aerospace, apparel and industrial applications..

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d High level design using PathWorks d

1/Mar/10Living Logic has expanded PathWorks for the design of Tank and Pool Liners. Given the dimensions of a swimming pool or water tank, PathWorks now calculates the shape of the pieces required to make the pool liner.. The latest version of PathWorks is available from Pathfinder Australia.

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df PathWorks now sees what you need df

1/April/10The PathWorks CAD program has been expanded to include image digitising. In only a few minutes, you can import a emailed photo or drawing of the piece you want to cut, digitise it on-screen and have it cut as many times as you like by the superior cutting machine technology of Pathfinder Australia. Prototyping and replication of existing pieces is now almost too easy.

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dfd PathWorks CAD software released dfd

1/Nov/09PathWorks is an advanced CAD application developed by Living Logic and now being sold by Pathfinder Australia. Users can now create, edit, and nest DXF and G-Code Files for conveyorised flatbed robotic cutting.

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dfdf Essential 2.12 now available dfdf

2/Oct/09 - The latest version of Essential, a stochastic structured population modeller, is now available. Developed for the Arthur Rylah Institute for Environmental Research, Essential is being used to shape government policy in the management of vermin and endangered species in Australia. More...

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New robotic control software for Pathfinder Australia.

10/Aug/09 - Living Logic has been working along side the team at Pathfinder Australia to develop new control software for their K7000 cutting machines. In a reversal of the normal process that sees position information converted into cut pieces, a module has been added to allow a template to be traced on the table and immediately converted into a GCode file for reproducing the piece.

Another win for E-TRAKKA

15/Mar/09 - The ETRAKKA training technology using software created by Living Logic has been credited with helping track sensation Scenic Blast win the $1 Million Newmarket Handicap. Details are on the web site maintained by Living Logic for Equitronic Technologies. More...

E-TRAKKA wins on "New Inventors"

30/Oct/05 - The E-TRAKKA system from Equitronic Technologies combines a wireless GPS and heart rate monitor to record the speed and heart rate of race horses in training. Living Logic has developed the software responsible for downloading the data and calculating horse fitness, sectional/split times, etc/. E-TRAKKA was exhibited on the ABC's New Inventors program, winning the week in style. More...

Auralia wins 'Australian Made' Award

21/Oct/05 - Living Logic is pleased to be associated with the development of Rising Software's Auralia 3.0. The ear-training program won in the 'Australian Made' category at the Australian Music Association Conference. More...


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